Revolutionizing Sustainability: CleanBamboo®fabrics, ettitude’s Game-Changer in Eco-Friendly Textiles

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Inspiring innovations are happening in fabric technology, and ettitude’s CleanBamboo® fabrics and eco-friendly manufacturing technologies couldn’t have come at a better time.

In the wake of the world’s climate crisis, increasing regulations to curb unsustainable manufacturing practices, and the growing demand for eco-conscious products, Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey, co-founders of LA-based material innovation company ettitude, are not just talking the sustainable talk but walking the walk.

Together, they envisioned creating fabric technology that checked all the boxes for what consumers want and the environment needs. So many companies claim to be sustainable, and their manufacturing processes are anything but. And then consider all the materials that perform well, but every time they are washed, microplastics go down the drain and into our rivers and oceans and ultimately even our blood streams.

That is where ettitude’s patented solution sets itself apart, by a long… long… way. The material, the technology, the fabric, everything about Phoebe and Kat’s solution is green. And the icing on the cake… its luxurious feel and stellar performance is better than most fabrics out there.


As the textile industry faces increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices, ettitude’s CleanBamboo® is a frontrunner in compliance and transparency as well. The technology behind it involves using 100% traceable organic bamboo and processing it with food-grade organic solvent in a closed-loop system that recycles the solvent and water up to 200 times.

Phoebe adds, “The CleanBamboo lyocell manufacturing process is a clean alternative to the chemical and resource intensive viscose, cotton, silk and cashmere processes.” ettitude’s approach drastically reduces resource consumption, compared to the old bamboo viscose production processes and the production of other conventional materials.

CleanBamboo saves up to 86% of CO2 emissions compared to silk, wool, and cashmere and up to 38% CO2 compared to cotton, bamboo viscose, and tree lyocell (Tencel™). With bamboo’s regenerative nature (as it is technically a grass that gets cut and continues to produce) and the absence of deforestation in its cultivation, CleanBamboo is a sustainable and ‘tree-free’ product.

Kat explains, “Large companies doing business in Europe or the United States, now must comply with new regulations. One, they have to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, and two, they have to prove they are decreasing their greenhouse gas emissions. Apparel companies’ main impact is coming from scope 3 emissions, which are the manufacturing impacts related to the textiles they are using in their garments. Materials are a huge part of the solution, and ettitude offers that solution.”


Backed by regenerative plant science, ettitude’s luxury textiles retain more of the inherent properties of bamboo. CleanBamboo fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic, dermatologist-recommended for sensitive skin, and hold the highest level of OEKO-TEX certification, meaning the materials are Class I safe for babies.

Third-party testing has also demonstrated CleanBamboo’s superior performance over bamboo viscose, Tencel™, and cotton across durability, surface appearance over time, moisture-wicking and temperature regulation. This ensures comfort and longevity in garments and home products made with CleanBamboo textiles, thereby contributing further to the sustainability of the fabrics because they simply last much longer.


ettitude’s CleanBamboo already has proof of concept in the market, particularly in the bedding space. Customers confirm the fabric’s superior comfort and durability with over 500,000 units sold and 20,000 5-star reviews. Likewise, there is scientific evidence that it also enhances sleep quality.

With production growth, ettitude is expanding its reach by partnering with large apparel brands. Textiles made with CleanBamboo can mimic the look and feel of a variety of organic and animal fibers like silk, wool and cashmere. The quality and feel are so great that they have captured the interest of high-end apparel designers and brands as well. Phoebe shares, “CleanBamboo is destined for many big-name brands, similar to how GoreTex is often used by Patagonia and North Face. Our versatile fabric technology will become an adopted core material for many of these large global brands.”

The Proof is in the Investments

ettitude’s recent success in funding rounds and strategic partnerships speaks to ettitude’s potential. Positioned to supply fabrics to major global brands, ettitude’s Phoebe and Kat invite investors to join them on this mission towards a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

CleanBamboo fabric is not merely a sustainable option, it is a technological breakthrough that signifies a paradigm shift in the textile industry. As Kat puts it, “Companies have to look for new solutions in the context of sustainability, performance, and regulations. We are that solution.”

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