The “Free Revok” movement can kick back and relax.

Street artist Revok, part of the MOCA's groundbreaking “Art in the Streets” exhibition, is out of jail following a six-month sentence for failing to pay restitution to victims of his graffiti.

He announced his freedom today.

Revok stated this on his blog:

After 44 days and 24,000$ of debt I am finally out of jail …

I fucked up and didn't pay a fine or complete my court ordered community service in time… So i was rushed by the lowest of lifeforms within the L.A. Sheriffs dept.(The graffiti task force) while waiting to board a flight to Dublin at LAX. The sheriffs ended up charging me with 2 addition charges for painting 2 separate murals with the property owners consent …

Revok up.; Credit: LASD

Revok up.; Credit: LASD

The spray-can artist became a cause celebre in the street art community after he was arrested and then jailed in the midst of the spotlight-soaked MOCA show.

His incarceration led some to believe that authorities were making an example of Revok specifically because of the attention the show of graffiti art was attracting.

But the City Attorney's office told the Weekly they went after Revok only because he missed a court date, triggering an automatic “be on the lookout” for the artist that culminated when they caught him trying to board a plane abroad.

His bail was set an a high $300,000, but only because authorities believed he might flee the country.

For his part Revok said “I love L.A.”


LA Weekly