Is your houseplant tired, listless, and rundown? Does it poop out at parties? Well, the Hammer Museum's “Houseplant Vacation,” part of its August cultural retreat for plants, is just the thing for your frumpy ficus or dumpy dahlia! Bring your plant and sign the plant release waiver — houseplant-related litigation almost bankrupted the museum back in '83 — and it'll enjoy a Saturday in the Hammer's sunny Lindbrook Terrace. No word if plant psychics will be on hand, or if they'll show the 1979 crime thriller The Kirlian Witness, in which a housewife telepathically communicates with her houseplants — you can but dream. While your plant gets in a little well-needed mackzen and relaxin', it'll be enlightened and entertained by a series of readings, performances and musical events until 4 p.m. every weekend, brought to you by the good people at L.A.'s conceptual art cyclotron Machine Project. And you thought Los Angeles couldn't get any more insane — oh ye of little faith!

Sat., July 31, 1 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly