At the corner of Hollywood and Western (right across the street from the Metro stop), a strange confluence of art, architecture and bureaucracy exists, for a while at least.

Most of the time, a large Retna and El Mac painting on a wall doesn't have to compete much with the building it's painted on, but the yellow, four-story art deco structure is striking on its own.

S. Charles Lee designed the building, which was built in 1928, and named a Historic Cultural Monument in 1988. Lee also designed the Max Factor Building, the Vogue Theater and several other buildings around L.A. still in use.

All photos by Mark Mauer. More after the jump.

The main floor of the building is currently a temporary office of the DMV. Once inside their offices, among the metal chairs and people filling out forms, you enter a city bureaucratic vortex, but walking along the outside is magical.

All photos by Mark Mauer

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