An 82-year-old woman driving an old, beat-up station wagon crashed into the front of a Reseda dentist's office today, sending three bystanders to the hospital in critical condition and injuring three more.

The driver, however, was completely uninjured, says Matt Spence at the L.A. City Fire Department. He does not know whether any dentists or dental patients were involved, but says…

… the station wagon never actually entered the office, just “knocked the door off the hinges.”

The dentist's office is located in the “Q Bargain” shopping center at the intersection of Vanowen Street and White Oak Avenue. We can't quite make out the names of the doctors on the storefront, but there is a large sign reading “DENTAL/MEDICAL” along the top of the building.

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Spence says the debris shown on the car in aerial TV news shots is apparently material that firefighters cut away in their attempt to excruciate two victims who were pinned to the building in the crash.

The photos are quite dramatic:

Credit: NBC LA

Credit: NBC LA

Credit: KTLA

Credit: KTLA

Maybe the old woman was trying to park? We're not quite sure how she managed to mow down so many people on her way through the front door, though. More information to come as it's available.

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