Ben Chasny, the sonic alchemist behind the noise-folk outfit Six Organs Of Admittance, visits the Echo tonight for a set of shoe-gazing, mind-expanding and (if you find a comfortable pile of shredded newspaper) nap-taking. The Comets on Fire guitar wielder's solo project more often brings taciturn soundscapes rather than the torrential waves of psychedelia unleashed from his other band. But Chasny's introspective explorations make for an atmospheric and evocative listen.

For conversation starters while waiting for a PBR, West Coast Sound presents a few discussion topics that will help you fake a conversation about experimental rock.

*Although I enjoy the cacophony of Comets on Fire, Chansy's songwriting ability really shows with his solo work.

*Noise-rockers? I consider them to be the Jackson Pollocks of music.

*As for me, I prefer Steve Von Till's solo acoustic work to Neurosis. And now that Isis has dominated the heavy-psych genre, a.k.a. Neur-Isis, who needs Neurosis anyway?

And here are six bands whose sound overlaps with Six Organs of Admittance.


Steve Von Till (from Neurosis)


Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Comets on Fire

This Will Destroy You

LA Weekly