The number of cloak-wearing, drumless drone metal bands that land in the New York Times can be counted on one hand, perhaps even one finger. That band is Sunn O))), the LA-based heavier than black matter duo who carve out spaces of introspection amid the feedback and groan of downtuned guitars.

A Sunn O))) performance toes the line between metal and soundscapes–more evil Brian Eno than Black Sabbath–as the soundwaves of the fierce guitar chords phase in and out of sync. The sweeping strokes of the fuzzed-out guitars act as impressionistic works of art as emotionally evocative as Tuvan throat singing or the Hindu aum mantra.

Or maybe it's just for stoners.

You decide, but for some context, here are some other influential doom, drone, and experimental bands to prepare your mind for Sunn O)))


St. Vitus

Fantomas: Delirium Cordia excerpt and unofficial music video

Sleep's “Dragonaut” from Harmony Korine's sprawling portrait of American poverty, Gummo:

John Zorn's song Leng Tsch'e is one 31 minute doom song, but this video helps explicate the logic behind Zorn's acts of experimentalism.

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