Those expletives you shout when someone cuts you off in traffic might actually be accurate. 

A new report from personal finance site WalletHub suggests Los Angeles is not the smartest city around. In fact, by some metrics we're downright dumb.

The site looked at nine metrics in 150 of the nation's largest cities to come up with its ranking of 2016’s Most and Least Educated Cities. Los Angeles came in 85th overall, nestled nicely between the Florida city that Scientology built, and something called “Fayetteville, Arkansas.” Our ranking for “educational attainment” was even lower — 101st. And for “quality of education,” Angelenos ranked 32nd.

We did manage to come in 26th when it comes to the “average quality” of our universities — we can probably thank highly regarded institutions including Caltech, UCLA and USC for that. The problem is, you have to actually go to those universities to help our standing. We came in 57th for the number of students enrolled in top-200 universities. And WalletHub says we ranked 141st — nearly at the bottom — for the percentage of residents who hold a high school diploma.

We ranked 84th for the percentage of locals with a two-year degree or college experience.

This report may hurt, but what is really maddening is how well some of our rivals fared. 

San Francisco ranked fifth for cities with the highest percentage of residents with bachelor's degrees. The city by the Bay ranked seventh overall in the report.

But if you want to hang out with America's smartest people, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is your city. Residents of the University of Michigan's hometown ranked first for educational attainment and for quality of education.

Of course, then you'd have to leave all this L.A. eye candy behind.

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