Rentado: Creating a Unified and User-Friendly Rental Platform for Landlords and Renters

In the increasingly crowded world of rental properties, demand for efficient and user-friendly management has reached unprecedented levels. Founded by Justin Morgan, Rentado is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize how landlords and tenants handle rental properties and payments.

Drawing on his ten years as a renter, Justin founded Rentado to address the challenges landlords and tenants face in navigating the rental process. The lack of a unified rental system posed a significant hurdle, causing confusion and frustration and ultimately resulting in negative renting experiences. Through his experience, he identified the need for an efficient and user-friendly platform that could revolutionize the rental industry. Justin’s deep understanding of these pain points fueled his determination to create a platform to address these issues.


Rentado provides a comprehensive rental property management solution that optimizes managing a rental property through a single platform, eliminating multiple payment and maintenance systems. Featuring a secure payment gateway that ensures secure and efficient transactions, the platform also offers user-friendly features that address the needs of both parties.

A distinguishing feature of Rentado is its simplicity, making the service convenient and straightforward for landlords and tenants alike. Rather than navigating multiple systems or waiting long for tenant maintenance requests, landlords can manage their properties, track payments, and respond quickly to tenant maintenance requests through a unified platform. The tenants, in turn, benefit from the ability to pay their rent conveniently, split their payments with roommates, and place maintenance requests, resulting in a seamless rental experience for all parties.

With its white-label capability, Rentado also positions itself from its competitors by enabling larger clients to tailor the platform according to their unique branding requirements. As a result of this adaptability, the company can provide a versatile and flexible solution for a wide range of customers. “We want to prove the power back to the people,” says Justin, emphasizing the company’s commitment to empowering landlords and tenants with a user-friendly and efficient solution.

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Justin Morgan – Founder of Rentado

Initially launched in Long Beach, California, Rentado has ambitious plans to expand its presence in other key markets nationwide. The platform is poised to reshape the rental sector and redefine the property management industry in light of the constant increase in rental property demand. Already recognized for its commitment to a standardized approach, the platform’s emphasis on user-friendly features positions it as a compelling option in property management, signaling a bright future for the company.

The platform’s impressive growth trajectory and substantial market potential have earned Google for Startups’ attention, a sign of its disruptive potential in the rental industry and ability to transform property management practices. Rentado‘s commitment to offering the best possible service to landlords and tenants has led it to strategically partner with local companies, including First Team Real Estate. The company also actively seeks to collaborate with California-based real estate agents to broaden its reach and amplify its influence within the market.

At Rentado, Justin and his team are determined to standardize the rental management process and introduce a more streamlined approach. They hope to become the premier property management platform through its user-friendly features and white-label capability. Today, Rentado is recognized as a game-changer in the property rental industry thanks to its commitment to standardized practices. With its continued expansion and innovation, the company is on track to emerge as an industry leader, revolutionizing its users’ rental and management experience.

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