Out of the department of reverse discrimination, a redheaded Calabasas boy was allegedly kicked and beaten by middle school classmates who were apparently inspired by a Facebook post calling it “kick a ginger day.”

The action Friday was apparently inspired by an episode of South Park that satirized racial intolerance by calling redheads “gingers.”

As many as 14 students at A.E. Wright Middle School allegedly kicked and hit the victim, described as having red hair and freckles. The kid was not seriously injured, however.

It's not clear if sheriff's investigators are going to pursue charges against those suspected of participating in the redheaded beatdown. (If these kids were black high school students in Long Beach, they'd be in court by now).

Anyone with any information about the anti-redhead violence was asked to call Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff's station at (818) 878-5536.

LA Weekly