Well we're just blowup doll crazy these days, aren't we? While everyone was busy counting the dollar signs brought in by Miley Cyrus' rubber likeness (Billie Ray had to have bought half of it) a Dutch artist has been nabbing all of the celebrity-free love dolls.

But what for? Surely Sander Reijgers doesn't have some kind of kinky rubber fetish or fondness for orifices that squeak and make flatulent sounds when the lube runs dry.

The artist most recently has taken traditional blowup dolls – both Caucasian and African American varietals – and chopped them up to create a series of randomness. Some are sculptures prominently featuring the naughty pink parts, others resemble objects such as soccer balls with tufts of hair in places you wouldn't normally find on a piece of sporting equipment.

You don't f*ck it son, you kick it!

You don't f*ck it son, you kick it!

We were first alerted to this fascinating turn of events by our distant cousin once removed over at Phoenix NewTimes Blog who noticed Reijgers has entered the realm of wearables.

And thank goodness!

The poor folk not enjoying the constant blue skies and rising temperatures in gorgeously grungy Los Angeles are approaching (or currently in) rain mode, and what better way to protect yourself from damp dankness than a slicker?

"Titball" it's so lovingly labeled.

“Titball” it's so lovingly labeled.

One made from the unnaturally pink glory holes, glazed stuck-on eyes, and supple rubber skin of an inflatable sexual partner, that is. Sort of makes us wish we'd called it something other than slicker…

Go get yours wherever fine recycled sex toys are transformed into outerwear, modern art and sporting goods and then blogged about but probably only sold to the most uber cool.

Tut tut, looks like rain.

Tut tut, looks like rain.

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