Yesterday on Curbed L.A., Los Angeles freelance writer Rachel Uranga shared her experiences of having to move in with her bachelor dad after a landlord moved her out of the Echo Park cottage she'd been renting. Hello San Gabriel Valley!

Uranga's piece wryly captures her sudden realizations about losing domestic liberties she's taken for granted, such as dinner parties and playing music on Saturday mornings. She also lays out some the things we re-learn about our parents' habits when we're forced to reconnect with them. Uranga admits that the move-back makes her feel like a powerless teenager all over again, and that minor indignities (being walked in on while dressing) can become slightly traumatic. Uranga offers pragmatic tips on how to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Pay some bills, make an occasional meal — even clean up now and then.

  • Communicate, but not too much — leave out the real personal stuff.

  • Take your social life outside — don't have friends over the way you might have had as a kid — or as an Echo Park hipster.

She closes by offering encouragement to all those who have lost a job and are imagining a return to the womb to save money:


I try to remember, no matter how I feel about my situation; I have a

roof over my head and a parent generous enough to share their space.

And here's my final bit of advice, enjoy the moments you have together.

They won't last forever.”

LA Weekly