The world of CBD brands and products is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States. Real Tested CBD aims to bring you the best of the existing as well as new CBD products in the market.

We review brands focusing on research and innovation in the CBD industry. These brands aim to let the US citizens enjoy the best CBD-infused products to benefit from the rare phytocannabinoids and phytonutrients.

Real Tested CBD has already tested more than 80 brands offering CBD-based oils, tinctures, balms, gummies, and drinks, etc. However, one thing is common amongst most of these manufacturers, i.e., all of them use or prefer to use CBD obtained from the hemp-plants extract that is homegrown in the US.

Our lab team runs a stringent test on each of these products to determine the quality and integrity of the CBD used within them. Additionally, we also dissect the product down to its last ingredient to find out if the actual quality and quantity within is what the labels claim.

The brand we are about to review is known as “Favor CBD.”

Favor CBD: A Review

Favor CBD is a well-known brand in the CBD industry. It sells a full range of CBD-infused beauty products. Additionally, the company also offers CBD-based products to its customers.

Favor CBD is popular for selling a variety of CBD products such as CBD tinctures, CBD pens, CBD-infused body lotions, CBD body oil, CBD lip balms, CBD face mist, and much more.

The company offers products that are beautiful in design and engineered thoughtfully. Favor CBD claims all their products contain terpene-rich broad-spectrum hemp, homegrown in Colorado and California.

If you are an avid CBD user or just new to CBD products, you can look into Favor CBD’s products, or as the brand puts it, “live life without compromises.”

The brand wants to keep the excitement and fun in their customers’ lives. Therefore, it creates products that help enhance their life experience in a convenient and more accessible way.

Our lab experts reviewed three products by Favor CBD. These include a lip balm, a tincture, and a lotion, and here is a full report of our lab test results.

Favor Cbd Mint Tincture 500 Mg

Image Source: RealTestedCBD

This Mint flavored CBD-infused tincture by Favor CBD comes in a bottle with a dropper. The bottle’s label claims to contain 500 mg of CBD goodness. Our lab test results also found these claims to be almost accurate as the CBD levels are slightly lower at 485.98 mg per bottle.

Our CBD products reviewing experts gave this tincture an acceptable rating. The CBD mint tincture also provides some of the rare cannabinoids apart from CBD. Hence, you may get the benefits of some phyto-cannabinoids. But you will not get any entourage effects.

The tincture contains 4.63 mg of CBN and 6.96 mg of CBC per bottle. There are no d9-THC and CBG present in this product.

Another promising aspect is there are no traces of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or solvents.

Favor Cbd Sandalwood Lotion Hemp Cbd – 500 Mg

Image Source: RealTestedCBD

If you are into CBD-infused lotions, you must try this Sandalwood Hemp CBD lotion by Favor CBD. It promises to offer 500 mg of CBD. Our lab experts gave this CBD-based lotion an acceptable rating because the CBD levels are promisingly higher than promised at 765.35 mg per bottle.

The lotion also contains additional yet single rare cannabinoids, i.e., CBC at 9.86 mg per bottle. However, there are no other beneficial phytocannabinoids present, including CBN, CBG, and d9-THC.

We did not find any signs of harmful chemicals or industrial level solvents in this product.

Favor Cbd Melon Lip Balm

Image Source: RealTestedCBD

Favor CBD produces this amazing product for CBD users in the form of CBD-infused lip balm in melon flavor. Our CBD products’ review experts gave this CBD lip balm an acceptable rating as it contains a decent quantity of CBD at 20.75 mg per pack.

Additionally, you will also find other beneficial rare cannabinoids in a plentiful amount. The amount of d9-THC, CBC, and CBG are at 1.20 mg, 1.14 mg, and 0.31 mg, respectively. It does not contain any CBN.

We did not find any traces of harmful pesticides, chemicals, and industrial solvents in the mix.

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