1. Brandi Glanville (Last week: 2)

After 19 raucous episodes, last night finally brought season three of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to a close, and despite what proved to be a volatile stock market for Brandi's cred, she ended up coming out exactly where she started: on top. That's because despite having an embattled relationship with nearly every Housewife, getting ganged up on and subsequently leaving multiple dinner parties this season and fighting an inter-Housewife legal battle, everyone still rallied around her against the morally-corrupt Faye Resnick, who accused her, bombastically, of breaking up Adrienne Maloof's marriage and not owning enough Chanel bags to be a lady. To piss off that many people but still have them take your side — Brandi must have done something right this season.

Lisa Vanderpump; Credit: bravotv.com

Lisa Vanderpump; Credit: bravotv.com

2. Lisa Vanderpump (Last week: 1)

Is it just us or has no 51-year-old re-bride ever looked this stunningly gorgeous?

3. Taylor Armstrong (Last week: 5)

Aside from lips that won't quit, Taylor seems to have finally learned something about moderation. She spent the early part of this season in an alcohol-induced semi-stupor, but thankfully she's not only pulled herself together, she also seems to have found a little peace. She's in love, we hear (with a still technically married man but pshaw!), her legal troubles are behind her, and she's even forged a truce with former frenemy Yolanda Foster. For Taylor, truly all's well that ends well.

4. Kyle Richards (Last week: 7)

Kyle deserves a lot of credit for playing peacemaker all season long, especially considering how polarizing she's been in the past. Yet somehow her pacifist ways have managed to alienate her. She and sister Kim still ride the tension wave, she's no longer close with Lisa and she's barely past the level of cordial with Brandi. Who's she left with whom she can actually call a close friend? The morally-corrupt (you can't say her name without that precursor) Faye Resnick? Perhaps Kyle would have been wise to just pick a side already.

5. Yolanda Foster (Last week: 4)

Pompous, out-of-touch, smug, self-satisfied and generally a major wet blanket all season. But Brandi likes her, so we'll lay off.

Kim Richards, in the process of making Brandi and Faye's feud about her; Credit: bravotv.com

Kim Richards, in the process of making Brandi and Faye's feud about her; Credit: bravotv.com

6. Kim Richards (Last week: 3)

Oh em gee, Kim. Nobody was talking about you. Can it.

7. Adrienne Maloof (Last week: 6)

RIP Housewife Adrienne. We wish you'd take a cue from divorcees Brandi and Camille and come back and kill it next season, but alas, we wish you all the best.

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