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1. Yolanda Foster (Last week: 8)

Yolanda is number one. We feel like we're … breaking. But you gotta hand it to her this week. She successfully threw a classy party (where nobody threw a tantrum and left) at her ex-husband Mohamed house, which she decorated, for money, and it was attended by her current husband David Foster, not to mention all the other important Beverly Hills faces, who stood around the piano and hummed happily as David tickled the ivories in this newly gussied up broken home, then managed to get nearly everyone to agree to meet her in Paris the very next week. What? Who does that? Werk, Yolanda.

2. Brandi Glanville (Last week: 2)

We're pretty sure she got a free trip to Paris. Yolanda must have sacrificed buying a second horse in order to make that happen!

We love you/hate you, Kyle.; Credit:

We love you/hate you, Kyle.; Credit:

3. Kyle Richards (Last week: 4)

See above.

4. Taylor Armstrong: (Last week: 5)

We give Taylor props for handling a difficult situation with grace this week. She must have thought Kyle and Kim were stopping by for a quick hello, but not so much. Instead they came over to confront Taylor about what they believe to be a drinking problem.

Many might have been defensive in this situation, especially considering Kim may have been projecting a weeeeeeeee bit on this one. But Taylor heard the sisters out, and the convo ended with them all hugging it out. She may or may not have immediately popped a bottle after they left, but at least she didn't do it on camera.

5. Giggy Vanderpump (Last week: 6)

Lisa and Ken took that friggin' hairless dog to St. Tropez.

6. Adrienne Maloof (Last week: 7)

Canceling on Yolanda's party and thus missing an invitation to Paris does not a power player make.

7. Kim Richards (Last week: Kim's nose ranked 3)

From Dr. Drew wannabee to suspected drunk in one episode? Not your strongest showing, Kim.

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