Ah, spa day. Don't you just love getting together with the girlies to sip champagne and harass the pool boys while getting nipped and tucked under your neighbor's $40,000 light-therapy machine? Us too.

Adrienne Maloof, who did an excellent job of dodging Game Night, must have felt guilty for leaving poor Brandi Glanville to fend for herself against the Richards' sisters' coordinated attack, so she invited over all the Housewives for a relaxing afternoon of beauty treatments in her humble home.

But how can one relax, despite the endless pampering and frozen yogurt buffet, when the person who just accused your sister of being a meth head (or vice versa, the person who was so wasted on “iced coffee” you may have accidentally insinuated she's a drug addict) is getting her nails did right next to you?

Well, Brandi Glanville and Kyle and Kim Richards, who had feuded the previous week, found it impossible. The hate triangle did their darnedest to avoid each other while Housewives Adrienne, Taylor, Camille and Lisa bounced between the three like middle-schoolers playing telephone, begging each party to apologize.

Kyle, Kim, Camille and Lisa gossiping, spa day style.; Credit: bravotv.com

Kyle, Kim, Camille and Lisa gossiping, spa day style.; Credit: bravotv.com

Kim was having none of it, and initially, neither was Kyle. The two seemed perfectly content to giggle about Brandi in the corner. But to Kim's shock and horror, Adrienne convinced Kyle to meet with Brandi outside for an air-clearing heart-to-heart.

This caused Kim to call Kyle a “traitor” during her interview, in which she's wearing that God-awful orange ribbon neck-ringer shirt and flailing around like a parakeet. (Hey Bravo wardrobe department, I thought we were trying to dial down the crazy with Kim.) After all, if you hate someone, your sister, who you didn't speak to for months because you accused her of stealing your house when she called you an alcoholic, should hate her too, shouldn't she? Amiright, Kim?

But Kyle caved and spoke to Brandi, and somehow managed to weasel an almost-apology out of her while making her cry, and getting the last word. Once again, Kyle reigns supreme.

#TeamBrandi seems to be picking up speed though, and to Kyle's credit, she called into Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live after-show last night to make sure the world knew she's apologized to Brandi for treating her harshly. Could Brandi be rapidly ascending the pecking order? We shall see.

In other RHOBH news, the audience caught a glimpse of the late Russell Armstrong in previews for next week's episode, in which he and Taylor, while casually lunching with Kyle, threaten to sue Lisa for leaking information. Bravo had said they were editing this season with sensitivity to Russell's suicide, (and clearly they've added filler — was that segment with Adrienne washing the chicken with soap not entirely too long?) but we suppose they never actually promised they'd cut out Russell entirely.

Are we ready for Russell's posthumous return?

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