It's only appropriate that one of the Housewives of Bravo has come out with her own sex toy line. The network's top-rated guilty pleasure attracts millions of eyeballs every week to watch rich nipped and tucked women from various cities across the U.S. drink too much, yell and complain, and embark on entrepreneurial activities in an attempt to make themselves appear more relevant. (Keep trying, Kim Zolchiwhatever her name is.)

But one of these ladies has thrown us off. Either she's smarter than producers at “Real Housewives of Atlanta” lead us to believe or her publicist/handler/hairdresser has good taste. Kandi Burruss, a songwriter who created hits for Top 40 artists including Destiny's Child, has teamed up with techie sex toy innovators OhMiBod to create her own line of “intimate accessories.”

Now before you sigh and slap your foreheads, check them out. OhMiBod invented a microchip that transforms the beat and rhythm of music into vibration patterns, essentially turning any sound – including the human voice – into a sex toy.

Someone on Burruss' team clearly knows her way around a sex toy shop and hit up the OhMiBod peeps to develop Bedroom Kandi, a collection of vibrators designed for women whose stylish extravagance extends into the bedroom and beyond.

The line includes several small rechargeable vibrators shaped like cosmetics – including a pink lipstick and powder-puff massager – as well as a set of kegel weights and even a wireless dual-sensation (i.e. rabbit) stimulator.

But this isn't an ordinary rabbit. This one connects to any MP3 player, iPod or smartphone to let the sound waves flowing through the speakers make you come. Hard. (We speak from experience.)

And because Bedroom Kandi was created by sex toy designers with as much taste and they have brains, the vibrators look as good as they feel and aren't made of the usual cheap China-made parts. A relief.

So it seems one of the Housewives of the United States has used her money and reality-show charm to do something good for the world. Now you can listen to your favorite 90s Billboard hits while you diddle yourself and thank Kandi Burruss for the music AND the orgasm.

We recommend starting with “Bills, Bills, Bills” and making your way to TLC's classic “No Scrubs.” Yeah, she wrote them both.

LA Weekly