Stick to what you're good at, man.

“Singer” and “actor” Ray-J — most famous for his grainy romp with Valley sex symbol Kim Kardashian — told on Dec. 8 that he wants to be mayor of Carson, California. It's apparently his hometown, and he seems to think that Carson City Hall could use a little bit of his “true talent.” Having caught a glimpse of said talent, we have to admit he might be able to add some real, uh, girth to the city's, uh, public library system.

In Ray's words:

“I'ma be the mayor of Carson. The mayor of Carson, California. Not now. I still got a lot of learning to do. Focusing and a lot of reaching back out to the community, and paying my dues. But in the future coming around the stretch you know, I do see myself doing stuff like that.”

The actual Carson Mayor, Jim Dear

The actual Carson Mayor, Jim Dear

To hell with current Mayor Jim Dear's graduate-school and teaching-credential crap, right? (No but we're kind of serious. They've gotten him nowhere. He's a paranoid Michael Scott type, in charge of a bunch of kindergartner councilmembers who squabble over seating arrangements instead of voting or vetoing or whatever.) We need a more take-charge (from behind) kind of guy.

That's where Ray-J comes in.

The best part of the interview is when he starts talking about how getting successful for a sex tape is “wack” — as if anyone would give a crap about his political aspirations if he hadn't banged America's finest Persian princess.

“This Hip-Hop s**t and this music industry has got alotta people clouded. And they think that's the only way to go. Or to put out a sex tape to be successful. That s**t is wack. You gotta go out and use your true talent and read and learn and if I can inspire that throughout everything I been through then let me be a reason. Let me be the cause. Let me be the answer, to everybody's questions you know what i mean?”

Please, Ray-J, be the answer to our questions. Like… what, exactly, does one have to do to get Kim Kardashian to agree to hot, sweaty televised sex? With us?

Who knows, though — maybe the dude is serious. And maybe after his municipal stint, we could even get another brawny “film” star up in Sacramento. At the very least, he'd surely put an end to all this illegal marijuana and mandatory condoms in porn nonsense.

Ray-J for 2013!

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