More than eight months after the ecstasy hangovers faded, June's Electric Daisy Carnival rave is still making waves.

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control says this week that it has filed actions against the L.A. Coliseum and Sports Arena for alleged violations during the two-day, 160,000-strong, 16-and-older party.

Among the accusations are that two minors were caught drinking at the Coliseum and …

… that both the Coliseum and Sports Arena served alcohol in parking lots during the June rave.

Both venues were also hit with allegations that they served or allowed drinking in nonpermitted areas such as in parking lots and on sidewalks. The filings were made in January but came to light Thursday.

Sober living at EDC.; Credit: Caesar Sebastian

Sober living at EDC.; Credit: Caesar Sebastian

According to ABC records (PDF), the accusation against the Sports Arena came from the very LAPD that last month sent top officials to the Coliseum Commission to defend such raves as safe and controllable events at the venues.

ABC spokesman John Carr said the department can ultimately hand the venues a warning, fine, suspicion or revocation of privileges.

The venues, which, ironically, are run jointly by the city, county and state, can always fight the allegations.

But they'll get no special treatment, Carr says.

“If a violation occurs then we have a duty as a police organization to take proper action,” he said.

EDC announced last week that it's moving to Las Vegas for this June's two-day event.

Last year's party saw more than 200 medical emergencies, 60 arrests and the death of a 15-year-old girl who overdosed on ecstasy.

That set up opposition to holding such parties at public venues. The commission was poised to let them continue, however, until it was revealed that the Coliseum's events manager was also double dipping as an employee for the promoter.

He resigned, and so did the Coliseum's general manager.

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