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When you first heard about the indictments against a pair of rave promoters and some of the L.A. Coliseum's top managers, you probably thought, Woh, this is serious.

After all, words like conspiracy, embezzlement and bribery are heavy, not to mention the fact that the prosecution sought to freeze more than a million dollars worth of defendants' assets.

But it turns out that so-called white collar crime isn't has heavy as, say, having some drugs in your pocket:

Coliseum general manager Patrick Lynch today entered into what appears to be a plea bargain that will keep him away from jail cells more familiar to those who don't wear suits to work.

He pleaded guilty to a felony conflict-of-interest charge for allegedly taking side payments from a janitorial company and standing by as rave promoters appeared to (allegedly) make under-the-table deals with another Coliseum manager, Todd DeStefano, worth around $2 million.

The 55-year-old would have to pay $385,000 in restitution, see three years probation and 1,500 hours community service.

Gone from Lynch's case are charges of conspiracy to commit embezzlement and several other embezzlement allegations.

Sounds like a good deal for being the top public official in the biggest public scandal in L.A. in years (the Coliseum is publicly owned and operated).

It also sounds like good news for the two rave promoters, one of whom, Reza Gerami, briefly spent time in jail:

Maybe they can buy their way out of this mess after all.

[For background about what the scandal's all about, read this].

[Added at 1:13 p.m.]: The District Attorney's office issued a statement this afternoon with more details.

As part of the deal Lynch will never again be able to hold “public office” (we're not sure being a public venue g.m. is “public office,” but okay), and if he violates the terms of the agreement he would face three years behind bars.

Lynch was due back in court for formal sentencing June 26.

The cash, by the way, would have to be repaid by May 14.

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