Update: New details on the arrest, via City News: Deputies stopped the car for an alleged illegal U-turn, said Nicole Nishida of the Sheriff's Department. It was unclear who was driving, she said. Officers smelled marijuana, searched the car and found pills that resembled ecstasy. The pills are being tested.

Rapper T.I., the 29-year old Clifford Harris, and his wife Tameka Cottle, aka Tiny, were arrested in West Hollywood for possession of a controlled substance, said Deputy Luis Castro of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

TMZ reported that the multi-platinum selling rapper and his wife were in a Maybach luxury car when they were stopped, and the controlled substance for which they were arrested was a class that includes methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Both were released after posting bail of $10,000, Castro said. Their next court appearance is scheduled for Friday in Beverly Hills court. Harris and Cottle were passengers in a car that was stopped by deputies in the 9600 block of Sunset Boulevard about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, Castro said.

TMZ speculates that the substance is sizzurp, which is a codeine syrup drink big in the South. (Mmm…tasty.)

In the TMZ photo, they note the presence of styrofoam cups, which is the way you drink your sizzurp.

To which we can only say, that's a stupid fad considering what an environmental nightmare those cups are, mmmkay?

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