Update: The felon in question was named KP Money, not KP Dolla. Headline and story have been corrected to reflect this fact. Our apologies for the mistake.

According to the LAPD, “convicted violent felon and registered sex offender” Perry Pemberton, 29, is on the loose after cutting off his GPS tracker during court recess, strolling out of Van Nuys Superior Court unnoticed and possibly driving away in his Maserati.

The facepalmy getaway went down on May 25. Now, two weeks later…

… West Valley Area detectives have resorted to sheepishly announcing that Pemberton, a known member of the Grape Street Crips, still hasn't been located.

Pemberton's Maserati.; Credit: LAPD

Pemberton's Maserati.; Credit: LAPD

They're pleading with the public to help them find this dangerous criminal. Some intel: Cops say he's been known to “use the moniker of 'KP Money'” and “frequent rap music studios.”

From the official LAPD blog:

On October 25, 2011, Pemberton was arrested and charged for six burglaries committed in Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Valencia, Burbank and Bel Air. At the time these crimes were committed and during his arrest Pemberton was wearing a GPS ankle tracker placed on him by State Parole and was driving a blue 2006 Maserati with a license plate of 6PIX577.

Pemberton is a convicted violent felon and a registered sex offender. After his arrest he was held on $1,100,000.00 bail. At a bail hearing his bail was reduced to $500,000.00. Pemberton posted bail and another GPS ankle tracker was placed on his ankle.

We've contacted detectives for more on how Pemberton's supervisors managed to lose a “convicted violent felon” with a GPS tracker in a high-security courthouse.

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