Ramen Hayatemaru: In Search of the Perfect Noodle

Ramen noodles at Hayatemaru.; Credit: Anne FishbeinRamen noodles at Hayatemaru.; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Hayatemaru is a Japanese chain out of Hokkaido, where miso-based, Sapporo-style ramen is king. Apart from its regionally specific ramen and fantastic gyoza, the restaurant has a few other things that distinguish it. It’s kind of … fancy for a ramen shop. Classic jazz plays over the sound system. The tables are a touch sleeker than you might find at the regular strip-mall joint; the booths are basically private rooms built into the side of the restaurant; and there’s even a tatami room, which is a rarity for ramen shops, and should be like catnip for the Noodle Disordered who might like to have a ramen-flavored birthday celebration in style. Read the story.

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