What's the deal with everybody dying this year? It's a confirmed fact that everyone's gonna kick it sooner or later, but seriously, Bea Arthur, Swazye and MJ in the same year? Damn. The social media world has now become a digital wake, where Facebook and Twitter have streamlined the obituary process down to 140 charcters or less. I mean, who has time to bemoan the bucket-kicking of one famous dude at a time? So what's next for social media moping? R.I.P. Remixes.

The pitch: On this day in 1970, the incendiary guitarist and Andre 3000 prototype Jimi Hendrix passed on into the purple haze of beyond. But Hendrix wasn't the only one to go, we also lost another visionary of American art today in 2004: Russ Meyer, hooter-obsessed cult film maker. So to make grieving easy, let's get all postmodern up in this joint and send out a memorial mashup.

Russ and Jimi: Thanks for the mammaries.

*I need to sleep more.

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