Ex-Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid/Qui frontman and Eastish Los Angeles man-about-town David Yow has gotten in touch with his inner artist (not quite like he did in Cincinnati in 1995). The always frenetic Yow presents his mixed media artwork at the DIY Gallery in Echo Park from August 14 to September 11. What to expect, according to the the press missive:

The works created for this show are rooted in Yow's personal and psychological history, and feature a broad spectrum of mediums. From acrylic, pencil, charcoal, crayon, hair, bugs, collage, and tar on wood, to line drawings digitally combined with photographic textures, Yow reveals an uncommon artistic perspective.

So like anything involved with Yow, expect the unexpected.

After the jump, get the full details on the show, see some of Yow's artwork, and some vintage Jesus Lizard ephemera dredged up from the bowels of the internutz.

Opening Reception

Saturday August 14, 2010 from 7pm-11pm.

Exhibition continues through September 11, with a special event TBA for closing night.


DIY Gallery

1549 West Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90026

Tues-Saturday 12pm-6pm

Open to the public

All ages welcome

"Don't Eat Fast Food" by David Yow

“Don't Eat Fast Food” by David Yow

From Lee Ranaldo's tour diary from Sonic Youth's Lollapalooza tour with Beck, Pavement, Jesus Lizard, and a lot of other flannel enthusiasts.

20 July 1995

David Yow Arrested

The other big news with which we were hit when we arrived at the next day's gig in Cincinnati was that David Yow had been arrested for exposing himself during the Jesus Lizard's set, in broad daylight at like, three o'clock in the afternoon. The cops waited till he came offstage, and then took him away. Bond was posted and it's now a court dispute to be dealt with in the future. He was back by the time we came off stage. Pavement's drummer Steve West claimed it was 'pretty graphic'. The local paper claimed he did things with the mic stand that “could not be described in a family newspaper”!!!

Well Awright David!

Now I thought this was great, for a few reasons. Firstly, because it meant that the Lizard was finally getting comfortable on the tour! And secondly,because here was an example of someone else than Courtney in the jester's position, fueling the media's hot breath. But did Yow's arrest make the papers? Barely, as far as I can see. A little box on page 12 of the Cinncy Enquirer, that's all (under a review of the days events which stopped with Beck's performance because obviously the interviewer had a deadline and it wasn't important to stay and see the bands. Typical bullshit. Well, what am I expecting, Option? Rollerderby?)

"Insult Me" by David Yow

“Insult Me” by David Yow

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