In the mood for soft-core sci-fi? Affirmative, Captain. Quentin Tarantino is screening his private print of 1975's The Girl From Starship Venus — aka The Sexplorer — at midnight on Nov. 8 right after a 35mm showing of Interstellar, which means you can escape from Christopher Nolan's futuristic wormholes and time-travel back to grok retro space boobs.


The Girl (buxom German model Monika Ringwald) is a Venusian on an alien expedition to understand human life. She lands in swinging Piccadilly Circus naked and tends to stay that way, thanks to a flimsy cover story (“I am a writer, I am 170 years old, my name is Mark Twain”) and a knack for blundering into erotic shops, urinals, strip clubs and porno theaters.

“Even as a kid I knew I would get things from The Girl From Starship Venus that I wouldn't get from the Hollywood films,” Tarantino has said. For one, director Derek Ford stages a seduction scene in a room filled with balloons. For another, Ford has a sense of humor. Asked if her human disguise has a mustache, which her commander defines as “decorative hair,” the Girl looks down at her crotch and answers yes.

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While Ringwald isn't much of an actress, her blank expression and wacky tongue-kissing make her perfectly cast as the lousy anthropologist. Not only does her amorous adventurer assume men and women are separate tribes, but she also mistakes screwing for refueling — and decides she should refuel, too, causing her hysterical commander to scream, “You could blow a fuse at any moment!” If you miss it on the 8th, no need to panic — it'll play again Nov. 22.

New Beverly, Nov. 8,

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