Purple Witch of Culver Psych Out: Psychedelic rockers the Purple Witch of Culver perform at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach on Thursday, on a bill with Women Tied to Railroad Tracks, Orvy, and Nifegun.

This writer chatted with PWOC last year, and Sarah Safaie told us that “The band formed in July 2020 during the making of what was supposed to be an experimental saxophone feature. Evan [Taylor] knows I have a background in that scene and wanted to produce something for me– we ended up spontaneously going in a different direction when I superimposed a poem I’d written onto a funky track we had cut to tape at Loantaka Sound.  The beauty of this project is that our "mission" is to be transparent in our intentions and guide people through their emotional journeys with our music. Beyond that we have normal everyday aspirations; we are awfully bad at keeping up with scene culture.”

Of their latest music, Safaie said, “Our latest release is ‘Seven of Wands,’ which actually feels a little distant as the two of us have been diligently plugging away at new material in the studio. That’s where our heads are at right now. However, ‘Wands’ is worth a listen. We’re very proud of it.”

Finally, of the band name she said, “We established our name the same day we agreed to pursue a band together. It was very immediate — I had suggested something to do with ‘Purple Witch’ (an ongoing motif in my life) and Evan threw out ‘Culver’ since that is where The Wizard of Oz was filmed. He is technically an Oz historian; we definitely identify with the symbolism of the good witch.”

Purple Witch of Culver Psych Out: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 21 at Alex’s Bar

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