Pure Maintenance: Paving the Way for a Healthier and Safer Environment in Flood-Affected Areas

Summary: This thought leadership article discusses how Pure Maintenance, a Utah-based mold remediation company leads the way in removing mold from flood-affected areas and ensures a clean and healthy environment for people affected by the floods.

As a silent invader, mold often infiltrates our living space.  And negligence can lead to unfortunate health outcomes. It is responsible for many health issues, including skin irritations, respiratory issues, and even neurological disorders. It grows and spreads quickly, especially in areas that have been recently flooded. While many companies offer mold remediation services, Pure Maintenance stands out for its commitment to innovation and education.

Pure Maintenance is a Utah-based mold remediation company with a demolition free policy that has locations all over the world including 47 states in the United States. The services provided by the company include mold abatement, mold remediation, mold inspection, mold removal, odor remediation, and disinfection services. With the recent flooding that has occurred in various states across America, Pure Maintenance is focusing on removing mold and ensuring a healthy environment with clean air in the affected areas.

When flood waters recede, disaster clean-up companies come in with fans, dry-out tools, and other equipment to remove water and dry out the affected areas. However, what is left behind after these companies leave is often mold floating around in the air in people’s homes. Although the mold may seem gone to the human eye, mold spores may be accumulating in the air and can cause major health problems for inhabitants.

Pure Maintenance addresses this issue by using hospital-grade sterilization equipment that can reduce mold levels back down to healthy levels within a day. The company specializes in both visible and invisible mold and is committed to ensuring that people live in a healthy environment where they can breathe clean air.

It is important to note that while disaster clean-up companies may remove visible mold or wet spots, there may still be airborne mold circulating in the air handling system or mold in spots that the eye can not see such as within the foundations. This can cause mold levels to be higher than what some people’s bodies can tolerate. Pure Maintenance is different in that they treat the entire building, not just one specific area. They take air quality tests throughout the home to make sure that mold is eliminated in all areas, including spots that did not get wet.

Pure Maintenance does not quarantine off areas and work on specific areas. Instead, they treat the whole home to ensure that the home is back to a healthy living environment. This approach is different from many other companies, which may focus solely on visible issues and may not be as concerned about the health effects of airborne mold.

If something has been wet for more than 48 hours, it is likely that there are elevated mold spores in the affected area. Pure Maintenance recommends that people get their homes checked if they suspect that mold is present.

“Our goal is to provide a healthy and clean environment to people across the globe. Over the years, we have identified a significant gap in information and education with regard to the adverse effects of mold on our health. To fill that gap we are committed to educating people and spreading awareness about the dangers of mold and helping people to prevent it. We at Pure Maintenance strive to ensure that our partners and clients have advanced technology to remove both visible and invisible mold”, says Brandon Adams, CEO of Pure Maintenance

Pure Maintenance is paving the way for a healthier and safer future for flood-affected areas. By focusing on removing mold and ensuring clean air, they are providing a valuable service to communities in need. Their commitment to education and innovation sets them apart from other mold remediation companies, and their dedication to creating an environment where people can breathe easier and live in a safer environment.

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