Dogs have been involved in a lot of stories on the web recently — from pups being rescued beneath the earthquake rubble to pooch owners smearing dog doo-doo on ballet critics’ faces, it’s as though these canines finally know what the word “influencer” means! But in reality, they’re just cute — and most of the time, that’s enough for everyone; no further questions, Your PAW-nor! However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any more dog stories to present to the jury.

We have a few more pieces of evidence — of dogs being adorable.

5 Cute Dog Stories That Happened Recently

A Demonic Dog Got Adopted (Until he Didn’t)

A “fire-breathing demon” of a French bulldog was adopted recently after he found his — according to Niagara SPCA’s Facebook post — “Mother of Dragons.” The New York no-kill shelter added that Ralphie, the dog, is a “full jerk.” So it left some people wondering why a person would willingly want to be miserable because of this pup. But Niagara SPCA also said in the post that the “cute face got him whatever he wanted and boundaries are something he heard people talk about, but they didn’t apply to him.” As frightening as Ralphie is, this is the best thing that could happen to dogs like him — especially because countless animals don’t get adopted.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Ralphie went back to jail. His new owners surrendered him back to the shelter after 2 weeks and he is, once again, up for adoption. 

The Puppy Bowl

Before humans turned dogs into these comically “derpy” pugs and cartoonishly short dachshunds, they were once impressively athletic creatures — and almost all of them still are! Hence, why some people thought that the best way to showcase their athleticism is by creating their own Super Bowl — the Puppy Bowl! While yes, watching sports is an American pastime, don’t be surprised if Puppy Bowl someday becomes main event-material. This year, Team Fluff beat Team Ruff — that means they bagged the highly coveted Lombarky trophy (presented to them by the Ruff-eree, Dan Schachner)! Tune in next year to see if they’ll bag the W again.

A Canine Cop Is a Criminal

This is a “tail” of the lunch thief: Once upon a time, Officer Ice, a K-9 unit, stole a sandwich…but that didn’t end there! His human colleague had the audacity to “arrest” him and post his mugshot online! What a “ruff” day for a good boy who was only making sure that none of the sandwiches are tainted!

“Bobi” — The Geriatric Baby

Imagine a life where your furry pal can be with you for as long as you’re also alive — while that’s sadly not possible, one can only hope that our pups can last as long as they’re able to. But to one dog owner in Portugal, his dog Bobi and him are enjoying every second that they’re together. Bobi is now 30 years old and that makes him the world’s oldest dog!

El Paso’s El Chapo

“Adopt, don’t shop” is the slogan we should be applying whenever we want a new pet. And someone from Texas did just that! The catch? They adopted a husky-mixed doggo named Bailey who very much preferred being in the shelter she lived in — but “preference” is an understatement. Because Bailey walked 10 miles back to the Animal Rescue League of El Paso just to ring the doorbell in the dead of the night.

Deez Mutts!

We can all use a few feel-good dog stories — it’s not like we’ll ever get tired of them! If you want to have a few puppy stories to tell, as much as possible, get a “co-writer” of these tales from an animal shelter! One can always use a human to make their whole (and, sadly, short) lives better.

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