There's been much to-do about Obama's future dog. Screw the economic crisis. This dog's got to be hypo-allergenic, because Malia is allergic. It's got to be from a shelter, preferably. The American Kennel Club has weighed in, suggesting poodles and Portugese water dogs. The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan has advice for Obama on how to integrate the dog into the White House lifestyle. Milan told People magazine: The Obamas should “play pack leader roles and greet [the dog] in a calm assertive way.” There are websites devoted to the issue of getting the Obamas a family dog. Incidentally, I can only imagine that the cat people are up in arms. Why doesn't Obama get a cat? Cat people voted for him in droves.

Anyway, did you know that the White House website has a section devoted to historical presidential pets? In it you will learn that First Lady Caroline Harrison owned a pet collie, and that President Harrison owned two opossums named Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection. This is a picture of the collie:

Then, in the website's News & Policies section, there was this. These are Vice President Cheney's dogs dressed up in Batman and Robin costumes. Obama's dog will wear no such costume. His dog will have a 180 I.Q. It will be dignified and ready to work.

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