TMZ reported this morning that 46-year-old punk singer Karim Chmielinski — better known as Casey Chaos, frontman and founder of the hardcore L.A. group Amen — “allegedly smashed his SUV into as many as 15 parked cars” on a “drunken demolition derby” to his Studio City home last night.

LAPD Sgt. Larry Jones says it was actually more like three cars, and that the number 15 was probably picked up from an “initial radio broadcast” resulting from “multiple people calling in at the same time.”

But that's a testament to the absolute racket this punk allegedly caused…

… on his 1 a.m. drive up skinny, twisty Laurel Grove Avenue and surrounding hill streets.

A disgruntled Studio City resident told KTLA that it sounded “like there was a race going on outside.” And the local Patch reports that as of this morning…

… there was still a trail of liquid and skid marks in the area as well as damaged bumpers, broken axels and sideswipe dents along Laurel Terrace Drive, Vantage Avenue and Laurelgrove Avenue.

Guess this is the kind of residential rebellion that middle-aged punk-rockers resort to once they've raked in enough tween pocket change to live among the Britneys and Clooneys of Studio City.

“It was just a typical drunk driver trying to make it home,” says Sgt. Jones. “We get them every once in a while. They crash, but because their vehicle is not totally disabled, they try to keep going, until they crash again. And again. And again.”

Our hardcore hero did somehow manage to make it into his home, says Jones. But not before reportedly parking the wrong direction on Hillslope — a dead giveaway for cops on his trail of destruction.

“After an hour-long search,” reports KTLA, “the driver was found in a home across from the damaged car.”

At which point a TMZ video shows him being sleepily hauled off to the station in punk-rock pajamas. Once there, according to Jones, the singer was booked under $5,000 bail for drunk driving (with an additional filing request for three hit-and-runs.)

So you can really get inside the heads of the cranky Studio Citizenry last night, we give you “Killing People,” by Casey Chaos:

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