Yes, Punk marketing exists, and it reads just like you would expect: like someone somehow converted the sound of those guys beating up Jello Biafra that one time into the medium of a self-helpy bullshit business book.

The authors actually write:

“The punk rock that burst rudely onto the scene with bands like The Stooges, The New York Dolls, the Sex Pistols and The Clash was replete with energy and vitality and shook the complacent music industry to its core and scared the crap out of disco-infused freaks that were running/ruining the whorish record business . . . Likewise, marketing has reached the point at which a groundswell from the consumer up is engulfing the established industry thinking.”

That's just one of the three insane business books spanked in this week's Studies in Crap column over on our Style Council blog. (They ran me $3 altogether at the Santa Monica Friends of the Library Book Store!)

Also up for punishment: Jungle Risk Management, which compares office life to wild dogs at hunt on the savannah, and Jesus CEO, which is simply the most blasphemous thing ever published and includes madness like:

“As quarterback, Jesus knew his game plan could not be to take the truth up the middle.”

For much more, click on through to Studies in Crap!

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