Pump.co, The Fastest Way to Save 60% on AWS Spend, Breaks into the Cloud Market

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Pump.co is excited to announce the official launch of its cost-saving platform, which is designed to help small businesses optimize and save big on their cloud infrastructure. Cloud spend is one of the leading expenses for tech companies, amounting to $600 billion in global costs, and while larger companies might be able to shoulder the burden, smaller businesses are often unexpectedly overwhelmed by the growing expense as they don’t have the same capital and resources to focus on optimization as their bigger competitors. This resource gap pushed Pump into action with its Groupon-adjacent model, which helps businesses save up to 60% on their cloud operations.

The company’s “Groupon-style” model is Pump’s biggest draw. When a client joins the platform, their business gains access to higher discounts and savings. Their AWS account or organization benefits from group buying power and economies of scale, and collective billing leverages the purchasing power of the entire collective, resulting in enhanced cost efficiencies and savings for all participants.

By using state-of-the-art, advanced AI algorithms, Pump will automatically identify areas where cost savings can be achieved and provide instant algorithmic buying and selling of savings products on the customer’s behalf. All of this means that Pump mirrors a client’s AWS consumption to their commitments in real time. Pump has so much confidence in its AI savings algorithms, that it will provide a full AWS credit for any related purchases made within 30 days in the event of any overcommitments resulting from unused savings plans or reserved instances.

CEO and founder Spandana Nakka states, “By combining AI automated savings and an intuitive user experience, Pump is democratizing AWS cost savings that historically only the very largest companies have had access to. There’s no limit to what AI can do, and we’ve leveraged this cutting-edge technology to bring relief to businesses so that they can continue to grow and thrive.”

Pump offers savings on 12 different AWS services including EC2, RDS, ECS, and more and the highest levels of security. Customers can rest assured that Pump only has access to the minimal amount of read-only permissions needed to operate. The platform doesn’t have access to a client’s code, consumer data, or network traffic, which means that Pump remains lightweight and deploys quickly.

Since launch, over 200 customers have already saved over $14M collectively. With the power of AI and by directly addressing client needs at scale, Pump has helped businesses significantly reduce the cost of their cloud infrastructure.

Pump.co is a platform designed to help businesses reduce AWS costs with no engineering effort. With real-time cost visibility, automated optimization, and continuous monitoring, Pump empowers organizations to achieve cost efficiency and maximize their AWS investment. Pump was featured on Forbes AI 50 and America’s 50 most promising companies in AI in 2021. The company is also an ‘Advanced Tier Partner’ with AWS and backed by Y Combinator.

Visit the company’s website to learn more about their dedication to help small businesses save big, or connect with Pump on:






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