It's a bitch, picking a name, as anyone who's had a baby, a pet or a particular infatuation with their motor vehicle will tell you.

Named for the British '80s band, Style Council, this blog began in 2005 with a focus on fashion and eventually branched into other areas, such as theater and pop culture, including popular reports from Comic-Con and other conventions.

In the last several months, we have expanded the blog to cover a broad array of L.A.'s arts and culture scene, including visual art, architecture, design, books, poetry, comedy, film and television.

We wanted a new name to fit this new approach, but how to find one that encompasses all that? Our master list included some of the more cringe-worthy L.A. puns ever conceived (I'm looking at you, Los Blogelous). At one point we wanted to give up and call it Randy's Donuts.

But we decided on Public Spectacle, a name that we believe embodies L.A.'s particular collection of art and culture, from street art to billboards to Hollywood to Pacific Standard Time's performance art festival.

We're excited to cover more areas while keeping our reputation for bringing you offbeat people, events, trends and opinions. This week, for instance, we're featuring:

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