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Victoria Kennedy is a successful American entrepreneur, public relations expert, and public speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Victorious PR, an agency that specializes in brand management, designing media outreach through renowned global publications, creating media strategies, and verifying social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Under the able leadership of Victoria Kennedy, Victorious PR reached new heights generating a 6-figure revenue within three months of its inception in 2019. Victoria Kennedy is a leading TEDx Speaker and a brand ambassador for Inman. Over the years, she has developed a professional relationship with well-known publications like Yahoo Finance, Fox News, Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, ABC, and Inman news. Her success story was featured in more than 200 publications and podcasts globally.

Victorious PR conducts workshops and brand management programs to maximize sales and improve brand awareness for high-profile entrepreneurs, C-level executives, top marketers, and influencers. Victoria Kennedybelieves that PR is an absolute necessity for every business to scale up. It is not just the way to increase lead generation but also a proven method to build a brand value that gives sustainable growth to the business.

Here are a few reasons why public relations is a necessity for any business.

1. Cost-effective way to boost sales

Public relations gives more exposure to the brand and increases awareness among target customers. This gives the business more visibility that sustains for a long time. With more popularity comes brand credibility that helps to generate more leads. It is only a matter of time when these leads turn into customers and in turn boosts sales. This is way more cost-effective than running sales campaigns for months.

2. Increases brand visibility

With the advent of public relations, there is no limit to widening the reach of the brand. From renowned publications to digital platforms, and even talk shows and podcasts, PR opens doors for a lot of public awareness and visibility. A public relations agency can use effective strategies to widen the visibility of a brand through multiple channels.

3. Attracts investors

Staying in the news across all digital platforms and publications can attract more investors to a business. Entrepreneurs can use brand development and create effective media outreach to draw more potential investors. This is a perfect solution for start-up companies who are looking for funding in the initial phase to grow.

4. Helps in managing the reputation of the brand

Sometimes unsatisfied clients can publicly deliver bad reviews about the brand. Even competitors can indirectly do the same to stay ahead of the race. This is where PR can act as a savior. Public relations activities can help a brand stay in a positive light on various digital platforms and publications to help in maintaining the reputation of the brand.

5. Better than advertising

Advertising involves ads that are run on various marketing channels. Often these ad campaigns can seem too pushy to the target audience, if not done right. This might result in poor responses and a dip in the reputation of the brand. PR is a brilliant strategy to reach prospective customers without spamming their emails and social media. This method also helps build a strong relationship with the customers in the long run.

Victoria Kennedy has set an example for other women who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs. When her career as an opera singer came to a halt due to the non-renewal of her work visa, she was determined to start everything afresh with public relations. Her entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to many.

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