A lot of important things happened in 2005. Mahmoud Abbas was elected to succeed Yasser Arafat as Palestinian Authority President, George W. Bush began his 2nd term , and dreamy electronica alchemists, Broadcast, played a show in L.A. Four years have passed and a lot of things have changed, but Broadcast's ethereal pop soundscapes have lost none of their luster.

Now pared down to the two original members, knob-turner James Cargill and impeccably dressed songstress Trish Keenan, Broadcast spreads their psych-pop sound–and 1960's Brit film aesthetic–across the States supporting their collaborative mini-album Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of The Radio Age (released on October 26th).

The Birmingham-based group will open for Atlas Sound, the far-out solo-project fronted by Deerhunter's Bradford James Cox.

Bottom line: tonight's show at the Troubadour should be a mind-expanding exhibition of intercontinental psychedelia.

(Broadcast's entire album mash-up, Atlas Sound MP3 and Miscellaneous media after the jump)

The album teems with spacey sounds produced by Cargill and visual artist Julian House, whose project, The Focus Group, gleans the eerie electronics (and visuals) from primary school film strips and science videos from the 1970's. Broadcast's shows also employ the finest film strips from mid-20th century, bathing the eyes and ears in a sensory assault.

Walkabout – Atlas sound w/ Panda Bear

This audio trailer mashes together Broadcast's entire mini-album

Broadcast and the Focus Group video created by Julian House (from the Ghost Box label and the band The Focus Group – who collaborated with Broadcast on this EP)

Broadcast shows also dish out a nice dose of visual stimulation

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