The Los Angeles City Council barred protesters Friday and said it will no longer allow disruptions during its meetings.

City Council President Paul Krekorian began Friday’s meeting asking a handful of shouting protesters to take their seats and when they continued to shout, Krekorian had them removed from the council chambers by LAPD officers.

“There will be no more warnings for everyone who is in these council chambers. These disruptions will not go forward,” Krekorian said at the start of Friday’s meeting. “You will be excluded from the meeting if you do not immediately take a seat and be silent.”

Protesters have made their way to every on-site council meeting since the infamous leaked recordings between councilmembers Kevin de Leon, Gil Cedillo and former member Nury Martinez, in early October.

Through the weeks, the council had allowed the public to audibly display their displeasure with the councilmembers and had held their meetings despite continuous chants filling the chambers.

It took more than 20 minutes for all the protesters to be escorted out and those excluded individuals were told they may not be allowed to participate in the following council meeting.

The People’s City Council, an organization that often advocates for protesters, continued its call for de Leon and Cedillo to resign.

“These meetings are happening against the will of the people,” the group tweeted Friday. “NO RESIGNATIONS, NO MEETINGS.”

Before getting the rest of the meeting underway, Krekorian addressed the protesters and said the council meetings will not “shut down.”

“We understand that there will be attempts to disrupt this council meeting from time to time and we’re going to deal with it as best we can, in a way that deescalates the situation,” Krekorian said. “But one thing is very clear and very certain, and everyone in Los Angeles should understand, these meetings of the city council will not shut down. We will proceed with the business of the people of Los Angeles despite people coming in here and trying to disrupt this meeting.”





































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