A rally in response to the upcoming decision of the Proposition 8 federal trial will probably take place in West Hollywood, reports Frontiers News Editor Karen Ocamb.

“The city has a special stake in the outcome,” writes Ocamb, “as it was the celebrated destination where so many of the 18,000 legal marriages were performed two years ago when same sex couples had marriage equality in California.”

The decision from U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, who presided over the Proposition 8 trial in San Francisco, is expected to be handed down sometime this summer, and could be delivered at any time with little notice, writes Ocamb.

As a result, the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the Los Angeles-based group that organized and financially supported the Prop. 8 lawsuit that seeks to overturn California's ban on same-sex marriage, is quickly planning a site for a rally.

Adam Umhoefer, senior project director at the American Foundation for Equal Rights, is organizing the event and believes it will probably be located in West Hollywood, which would certainly be appropriate.

Not only was West Hollywood the place where many gay couples were legally married in the summer and fall of 2008, but it was also the starting point for mass protests when Proposition 8 was passed in November of 2008, with the gay community and many straight allies marching in the streets.

The marches were regularly shown on national television, which then sparked other anti-Prop. 8 protests across the country.

Updates for the decision can be found at the AFER Web site.

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