A group that has been lobbying for permit-only parking overnight in Venice is updating a lawsuit that challenges the California Coastal Commission's repeated denial of the “Overnight Parking Districts.”

The Venice Stakeholders Association stated that on Tuesday it would file a supplemental petition in its Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit against the commission. The petition essentially challenges the commission's latest vote, on June 10, to deny the districts.

The filing argues that the commission “lacks jurisdiction over the city's establishment ofthe OPDs generally, and over the City's application for coastal development permits in particular.”

The VSA, the commission and the the city had initially agreed to terms that would have established the districts before the commission again voted the idea down.

“… The State Legislature has give all municipalities the right to establish preferential parking between the hours of 2 and 6 AM by specific statute, which trumps the Coastal Act,” a statement from VSA reads.

The districts would allow residents who want them to impose 2-6 a.m. resident-only parking zones on their blocks. It's been a contentious issue in Venice, where the zones are seen by opponents as an attempt not only to push out people who park and live in their RVs in the area but to change the open nature of the liberal beach community — one of the last on the Southern California coast that doesn't have residential permit parking.

LA Weekly