Anti-gay marriage supporters aren't the only people who can succeed as parents.

At the Proposition 8 trial in San Francisco on Friday, Cambridge University psychology professor Michael Lamb told the court that gay and lesbian couples raise “well-adjusted” children.

As we mentioned in a post on Friday, anti-gay marriage forces have said for years that, ultimately, children need to be protected from the gay menace.

Queerty goes into the “kid card” in this post.

Over the years, for one reason or another, gay rights activists have had a hard time countering that kind of charge — remember the “No on 8” campaign's late response to gay marriage being taught to kids in California's public schools?

Yet this time around, Ted Olson and David Boies, the lawyers who want to overturn Prop. 8, are confronting that anti-gay stance head on, with Lamb testifying that gay couples are good parents.

San Jose Mercury News reporter Howard Mintz, who's been live blogging about trial, reports that Lamb said there's “substantial evidence” that

children raised by same-sex couples “are just as likely to be as well

adjusted as children raised by heterosexual parents.”

The defendants' lawyers, who want to uphold Proposition 8, spent nearly four hours cross examining Lamb — protecting children with so-called “traditional” marriage is a key legal point for the defense.

And while such pro-gay marriage outfits as Courage Campaign and American Foundation for Equal Rights have been regularly blogging about the trial, The Christian Post has been posting updates from the Alliance Defense Fund on its Web site.

ADF is helping to bankroll the defense of Proposition 8, and its posts are unlike anything you'll read on the gay blogosphere.

But if you'd rather not enter that world, check out blogger Joe Jervis, who's not aligned with ADF at all and writes an interesting post about ADF's recent skirmish with Twitter.
Today, court will not be in session because of MLK Jr. Day. But L.A. filmmaker John Ireland plans to produce daily re-enactments of the trial on YouTube, as we first reported yesterday.

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