Update, 1 a.m.: It's a sure thing. The Los Angeles Times has posted their little green check-mark next to Prop. 21, officially killing the dreams of wilderness freaks and baby bunnies everywhere.

California state parks will have to live with their crappy trail mulch a while longer.

At 32.5 percent reporting, the California Secretary of State ranks Prop. 21 at 40.7 percent 'Yes' and 59.3 percent 'No” — enough for the Los Angeles Times to call it a loss.

Guess Prop. 26 wasn't the only environmental issue sidelined by Prop. 23's big green effort this election season.

Considering its noble state-park-fundraiser pitch, Prop. 21 was surprisingly unpopular with voters. Either they were annoyed at the proposed $18 increase to the vehicle registration fee, or just annoyed at having to vote on so many non-pot-related propositions.

Of course, there was also the argument that Prop. 21 would have set up too strong a barricade around the state-park fund, making it difficult for state legislators to maneuver money where it was most needed.

Better luck next time, buffalo huggers.

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