Updated with near-final numbers. First posted at 8:40 p.m. Tuesday. Read our feature, “What Killed Prop. 19?” here.

Sorry, pot fans. Fox News is projecting that Prop. 19, the California initiative that would have legalized marijuana, will fail.

With nearly all of the votes counted 19 went down 46 percent for and nearly 54 percent against. Looks like that reported run on polling places by college kids did not mean a last-minute, come-from behind victory for cannabis decriminalization.

Shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday several news organizations, including the Sacramento Bee, NBC News and KNX 1070 Newsradio in L.A., proclaimed 19 was finished. Update: Add Associated Press to that list.

Late Tuesday No on Prop. 19 campaign manager Tim Rosales stated:

“Proponents of Prop 19 tried to mislead voters into voting for a title and summary, but tonight, the voters of California proved that the details of an initiative do matter. Proponents said Prop 19 would tax, regulate and control marijuana, when in fact those claims turned out not to be true. Prop 19 provided no regulation or control, no means of collecting revenue, no benefit to the public safety of Californians and could cost us billions.

“Despite being outspent 10-1, No on Prop 19 did a better job of urging voters to examine the initiative for themselves. No matter where voters stood on the concept of legalization, they recognized that Prop 19 was a jumbled, legal nightmare and that the economics just didn't pencil out.”

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