Prop. 19, the November ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana possession and use in California, was winning among likely voters according to a new ABC7/Survey USA poll. If the election were held now the proposition would win 47 to 43 percent. That's the good news for pot supporters. The bad news, according to the poll: The number of people committed to voting for the law has decreased by four percentage points.

Of course, Survey USA's automated “robo-call” polls often differ from others, and surveys on this issue seem to be all over the map anyway.

According to the ABC7/Survey USA poll, women, older Californians, minorities and Central Valley residents have given momentum to the initiative's decreasing support.

“It's the folks who are most concerned with what legalizing the recreational use of marijuana will do to children, to schools, to ethnic communities, to public safety,” Roger Salazar, the No on Prop. 19 campaign's spokesman, told ABC7.

The initiative would allow Californian's to possess up to one ounce of cannabis while allowing cities and municipalities to allow, outlaw or regulate its sale in retail establishments.

Dan Newman, Yes on Prop. 19 campaign spokesman, tells the station, “We're seeing that Californians are ready to embrace some modest, common-sense reforms to our failed marijuana laws.”

LA Weekly