Associated Press reports that Echo Park graphic artist Shepard Fairey has pleaded guilty in a Boston court to three counts involving the destruction or defacement of property. In exchange for the pleas, prosecutors dropped 11 other charges and Fairey received two years probation and a $2,000 fine that is to be paid to a graffiti-removal outfit. The 39-year-old street artist is also banned from possessing “tagging materials” except for when used in legit art installations.

Fairey rose to stratopheric renown with his design of the Obama Hope poster, which became emblematic of the grassroots movement to elect Barack Obama president. Fairey first ran afoul of Boston authorities back in 2000, for art-tagging an electrical box. He still faces a potentially ugly court fight with Associated Press over his alleged appropriation of a photo image of Obama that was used in his famous poster.

LA Weekly