The pro-life American Life League on Thursday criticized L.A.-based animated comedy show Family Guy for its recent portrayal of a school play about the late Terri Shiavo, a perpetually vegetative woman who was kept on life support for more than 10 years as courts debated her fate. (See the skit after the jump).

As our sister publication Miami New Times points out, the organization has used the animated scene to bring attention to the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation's Life and Hope Concert April 11 in Indianapolis. ALL lambasts the episode, particularly the lines “Terri Schiavo is kinda alive-o” and she's “the most expensive plant you'll ever see.”

“The entertainment czars in the culture of death are busy marking Terri's death with sick comedy routines,” states Jim Sedlak, vice president of ALL, “but pro-lifers and personhood advocates will have the opportunity in Indianapolis to be a visible sign of contradiction – a visible reminder that Terri was never a “vegetable.” She was a human person right to her final breath and we will not allow her unjust death to be in vain.”

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