Prince Poppycock @ Brookledge Theater

The Gang's All HereThe Gang's All Here

Hidden in Hancock Park is a little theater in a giant house called Brookledge. Brookledge Theater (called so because a stream runs through the property) is one of the most extraordinary places in Los Angeles.

It is currently owned by the Larsen family, the same family who created the Magic Castle in Hollywood. After sitting (mostly) empty for decades, Brookledge Theater was brought back to life several years ago with the launch of the Brookledge Follies. We received an exclusive invitation to photograph the theater and grounds, and who better to photograph than world famous opera diva Prince Poppycock in his very own rococo apocalypse. Starring Price Poppycock, Kelli Kickham (who was also the casting director,) Anya Krivenko, Gabrielle Salinger, Minerva Mendez and Christina Mott. Models make-up and hair by Madison Reeves. Photos by Star Foreman

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