For some of us here at West Coast Sound Headquarters, there are only two things that keep us going: Food and serious heavy metal. In December, I nearly had a heart attack when I heard about the Grill 'Em All food truck (and I almost had another one after devouring the bacon, maple syrup and a seared fennel sausage gravy topped Molly Hatchet).

So yesterday when I discovered the #MetalMeals on Twitter I fell back into a K-hole of mega-metal ridiculousness. Primus Rib, Spinal Tapas, Gwarcamole? Genius. Sure, by the time this blog is posted there will be more (like Body Count Chocula, which just emerged) but after the jump, witness 16 of our favorite #metalmeals and a healthy serving of metal videos to keep your inner Satan satiated.

Got suggestions like Pig Destroysters Rockefeller, Creme Bru-L.A. Guns, or Caramelvins? Feel free to add them in the comments section.

PaulRoub Spinal Tapas

AlexBlagg Pantera Bread

elmorse Motley Stëw

Bobby_BigWheel Turdokken

JenniferFistere Primus Rib

hirmes Rack of Lamb of God

amwayfaithful Flanthrax

ckonopka Ramenstein

CraigMahoney Morbid Angel Food Cake

MisterLucky13 Panteramisu

robfmartinez Faith No S'More

CreepSwenson 7 Slayer Dip

corycavin MastaUdon

notveryraven Cannibal Corps D'eouvres

Chubs_KGun Judas Quiche

jon_bois GWARby's

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