A movie about a 12-year old prostitute in jazz-age New Orleans may seem like an unlikely inspiration for a new spring line of clothing, but when the prepubescent in question is Brooke Shields (Pretty Baby, 1978), it actually makes perfect sense– remember what her nubile body did for Calvin Klein jeans? Maxine Dillon (above) designer and creator of Figmint wanted to capture the sexual allure of innocence, so her new line is filled with really pretty and youthful touches like lacey pantalets and eyelet tanks as well as shimmery jazzy dresses. I went to her trunk show at Aero & Co. (8403 W. 3rd Street) to check out the goods. A suited pianist jellyrolled the ragtime tunes and I snacked on sugary white frosted cupcakes…before discovering the absinthe. I had never indulged in the prefered poison of the original Bohemians and the milky lime green colored liquor looked so alluring. Just holding the glass I felt like a Toulouse-Lautrec courtesian, but I just couldn't stomach the licorishy taste. I left disheartened, I so wanted to chase the green fairy. But my night was young and there was more debauchery just around the corner. So I dashed off to meet my friends at the sex-toy shop opening (see my next post above)….

Posted by Linda Immediato

LA Weekly