Back when 7458 Beverly Blvd. housed the previous incarnation of Hatfield's, it was one of the prettiest restaurants in Los Angeles. But since Mark Gold took over the space to open Eva Restaurant in September 2009, it has become hands-down the most gorgeous place to eat in this town — so much so that it's a better value than a trip to nearby LACMA, if only because you get some pretty stunning food along with the scenery. Credit the gray walls hung with black-and-white Hans Gissinger prints (the Swiss photographer whose works can also be found in books, museums and the pages of The New Yorker); the boxed-in outdoor patio on Beverly, which looks more like a tree house than a patio; the homey artifacts on the few un-Gissinger-ed walls; the huge interior windows; the greenery visible through the pass to the sort-of open kitchen; the beautifully atavistic white tablecloths (!); and the clearly visible door at the rear, painted scarlet like that of a deconsecrated Episcopal church. At dinner, there's candlelight and vintage books in which your bill is delivered like a discreet bookmark, a cheese tray like a still life. 7458 Beverly Blvd., Fairfax District. (323) 634-0700,

—Amy Scattergood

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