Preston Corbell | Stellar Stunts & Epic Transformations Between Roles

Building a career as an athletic stunt double is one thing. Offering quick muscular and weight transformations between two near-overlapping roles is a whole new ball game. However, Preston Corbell clearly has the chops and experience for both.

We recently had the opportunity to sit with this entertainer, stuntman, and actor about his beginnings, ongoing journey, and future aspirations.

Here’s his story.

Getting An Early Start

Corbell got introduced to show business at an early age. Preston landed timely modeling gigs and ongoing appearances in minor TV roles as a teenager.

So, it was no surprise when he continued securing roles in films as he moved to the East Coast in pursuit of a more robust career.

As he forayed into the mainstream movies, Corbell began picking up stunt roles that would soon define his calling in the industry.

Bringing Roles To Life

Corbell’s acting chops were never in question. However, pulling off thrilling stunts truly made him shine. He fondly recounts how passionate he remained about making movies come to life. And for Corbell, that meant giving his 100% on every stunt and action assigned to him.

Naturally, he continued landing important stunt roles across both television and motion pictures. His proficiency with stunts landed him a resume that boasted of Hollywood horror comedies like Cabin Fever (2002) and television hits like Reno 911!, which aired from 2003 to 2009.

His athletic antics would take him to hit series like The Vampire Diaries and Doom Patrol. Preston even provided some crucial stunt work for the dark and brooding superhero genres like Daredevil.

Throughout these exploits, Preston enjoyed the recognition of being a reliable stuntman. This reputation made him appear as a stuntman in some of the biggest TV shows.

Defining Epic Transformations Between Roles

Further in his career as a stuntman, Corbell contributed as a double in long-running hit shows like One Tree Hill and Eastbound and Down.

Preston agrees that his roles in these two shows represent the culmination of his accomplishment in stunt work. He doubled for Chad Michael Murray as ‘Lucas Scott’ in One Tree Hill and stood in for Danny McBride as ‘Kenny Powers’ on the HBO sports comedy, Eastbound and Down.

The unique challenge during this phase of his stunt career was that both these successful shows ran through the same year.

Lucas Scott’s character was a teenager in high school who looked about 160 lbs, while Kenny Powers’ character was a retired athlete who should’ve weighed well over 230 lbs.

This stark difference in each character’s size and build made it a formidable challenge to play both doubles in the same year. The switch between roles proved taxing and stretched the limits of his physical resilience.

For instance, Corbell would eat sparingly and undergo intense cardio to assume a teenager’s body in One Tree Hill. He would bulk up through workouts and enhanced nutrition in a few months to play Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down.

As already mentioned, this phase was indeed the pinnacle of what Preston would deliver for his love of genuine filmmaking.

Transformation Lessons From The Labor and Limelight

Preston’s roles as a double throughout these years were mentally and physically demanding.

Strict diets, intense exercise regimens, and high concentration levels were staples for every project. Corbell’s roles in One Tree Hill and Eastbound and Down proved to be especially tough and demanding. Leaping from tall heights, running into cars, and action sequences on water bodies were only a few of the many stunt works performed over time.

Corbell’s athleticism and love for art enabled him to meet these challenges head-on and come out on top. These experiences taught him that mental toughness and physical prowess were part of any successful pursuit in life.

However, he realized that these resilient qualities aren’t present in everyone.

As someone who had gone through this painstaking yet rewarding rite of passage, he felt the need to help and share with others undergoing the journey.

The countless injuries, physical toil, mental resilience, and memorable encounters had taught him to face both pains and gain composure. And this was a skill he wanted to pass along to others.

A Go-Getter Passing On The Wisdom

Preston Corbell could live off his reputation and resume as a star contributor of stunts in major movies and TV shows. And even today, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him continue.

Outside of traditional ‘stunt manning,’ today, he seeks to help up-and-comers manage their stress and challenges as they face a future that he has already seen.

Teaching pain management to upcoming athletes started as a renewed call for this former stuntman. With an impressive 20-year career in the entertainment industry, Corbell knows the tricks of the trade.

Athletes and sportspersons may gain valuable direction and guidance from this hardened hustler. The healed injuries and covered calluses serve as reminders and badges of honor. These marks and experiences remind him of the lessons learned and the assumed responsibility of helping those still struggling.

Aspiring stuntmen can collect nuggets of practical wisdom from his YouTube videos and interviews.

Mental health and strength of mind remain vital for succeeding in any industry today. And self-starters like Corbell prove that sharing this wisdom with toiling athletes serves a larger and more meaningful purpose.

Where To Catch More Of Corbell

Preston makes it easy for his followers and supporters to get hold of him through a variety of online platforms and social handles.

His Instagram (@stunt.beast) is rife with regular updates and cheeky pictures that offer a glimpse into his life. Followers can also grab insights and interviews on his YouTube channel.

Ardent fans who want a personal message or want to communicate a word to fellow fans can check out his Cameo page. Preston will get back in less than a day on this platform. You can request customized birthday wishes, pep talks, roasts, or any other message that suits your fancy.

For anything else, give his website a visit. It has news articles, podcasts, and other exciting content on the seasoned stuntman and actor.

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